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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  N70 review in Russian with pictures
As usual, the proof is in the pictures. This 2 mp S60 phone scheduled for Q3 release doesn't look so hot in terms of photo quality, certainly not as good as the N90 and even subpar to the 6680/81/82 and 6630. Hopefully, the inevitable firmware upgrade will make a difference, but it would be odd for photo quality to be going backward at a time when Sony Ericsson is kicking it up a level on the K750i.
Monday, May 30, 2005
  Eldar does a k750i vs. n90 matchup
Of course I'm a Nokia whore, but the N90 is better imo on both distance and close up.

Unfortunately, the thing is as big and heavy as my Jetta and has no silent "vibrate "function. As I like to carry phones in my shirt pocket and have no affinity for "crazy frog" in business meetings, I think I'll be skipping the N90.
Saturday, May 21, 2005
  Series 60 vs. Series 40
While I love the Series 60, I'm not a complete whore. I'm still open minded to finding a phone with a better hardware/software combination than what is available on this OS.

I dream about a small phone with a great camera, email ability, and a keyboard that makes texting and emailing easier than my Nokia 6630 (I don't like the keyboard -- too small for my taste). And I still have a major problem I have with the Series 60 phones looks and size. The ones I've had have always been behemoths (3650, 6600, 6630) that really are not my type of phone, style-wise. I like them small with simple, flat keys that are easy to text on -- this Samsung was one of my favorites. I also liked the Nokia 6230, but hated the OS and the screen quality and size.

I've been thinking about the SE 750i and the Nokia 6230i, the second generation 6230. Both are 1.3 mp cam phones with email clients. Because the price has fallen to the low $300s US, I bought a 6230i in a moment of weakness and curiousity.

Well, no real suprise here: it doesn't hold a candle to the 6630. In fact, its not even in the same league (think majors and double A in baseball terms). Size and style is far outweighed by the massively inferior operating system. The Series 40 has a confusing user interface -- I found it impossible to do simple tasks like choosing access points, configuring pop/smtp settings. The email program is still abysmal, requiring too many steps to do simple tasks. And navigating to web/bookmarks takes an extra step or two that is totally unneccessary.

The screen quality is nice, but way too small to make much use of. The only advantages over S60 devices are 1) radio; 2) size (i'd love a s60 phone this small!) and 3) keyboard (I can text much faster and more comfortably).

Series 60's built in browser is pretty good (on a 6630)... you only can really tell when you play with something else. And NetFront, well, you can start taking it for granted but you shouldn't. The email program isn't perfect on S60, but its eons ahead of the S40, which is practically unusable.

The big screen on S60 is not a luxury; it's a must for anyone who reads much text on their phone.

Finally, the 1.3 mp camera on the 6230i is really no better than my 3650 was indoors (a phone that was released two years ago!). I don't understand if its a processing speed issue, but the S40 just can't come close to what the S60 produces in terms of clarity.

The grass is always greener -- no phone is absolute perfection in all areas. But in terms of coming up with a workhorse that does most mobile tasks really well (voice, browsing, email, PIM, camera), I still think the S60 platform is hard to beat. And the upcoming N70 may be the complete small and stylish S60 package.
  Pics of and from the N70
I know the lighting is perfect which makes the photos look a lot better, but the picture quality on the N70 is marvelous, considering there isn't an auto-focus feature on the phone.
  Nokia page with pics of N90 and photos from phone
From the hard-to-navigate Nokia site.
  New site
It really sucks. Why should you need to got to a slow loading splash page first, then have to lie about where you are so you don't have to see the piss-poor US site?

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