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Thursday, August 18, 2005
  50 new Symbian products in development
And seven licensees. More in the pipeline than at anytime in the last year. Clearly, there's more hardware innovation than ever using this platform, which is good for all of us freaks.

(thanks to My-Symbian)
Monday, August 15, 2005
  Samsung to release S60 phones, finally
I thought these phones were vaporware, but apparently the Samsung D720 slider and D730 flip S60 phones will actually see the light of day. This is pretty exciting - hopefully Samsung can produce a S60 phone that can compete with the best Nokias.

(thanks to Phonescoop)
Friday, August 12, 2005
  Nokia 6681 pricewatch on Ebay
It's falling like a rock... getting to the low $400s. It will be interesting to see what happens first: sub $400 pricing or the N70 gets released.

Looking to the last generation of S60 phones, the 6630 hit the $400 mark just around when the 6680/81 was released (the 6630 now can be had for an amazingly low price -- a little over $300 on Ebay or the mid $300s from retailers like myworldphone).
Thursday, August 11, 2005
  Sun sets on 6630 in Japan
Kinda makes you want to live in a country where the 6630 is so yesterday.
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  Mobile Burn's 6680 review: he likes it.
Jim Khang takes the 6680 for a ride and likes what he sees, other than the cramped keyboard, soft call volume, and no FM radio.
Monday, August 08, 2005
  N90 shortage?
Sounds like bunk to me... probably has more to do with their limited manufacturing capacity than some great surge in buyers. And probably trying to cover up for the missed release date while trying to get some positive press now that it's available for a king's ransom.
  All About Symbian on the shifting role of the mobile device
  New Nokia mobile search application for 6630, 6680, 6681
This is a nice little app that is really just a Yahoo! interface for the phone. It's very fast and stripped down - it helps you get to the info you want a lot faster and easier than a Google Mobile search. Plus, it's integrated with the built-in xhtml browser very nicely. You can set your home area and change it when you search on the road, although I have yet to see how that affects the search results.


Nokia introduces mobile search to its smartphones

With the new mobile search application, search on the go is easier than ever

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today introduced a pioneering mobile search software solution that provides users with easy and fast access to leading search engines directly from their Nokia handset. The search application is a simple, convenient, and fast way for Nokia smartphone users to find and connect to any website as well as local search engines, whenever, wherever. The current service and content providers incorporated in the search application include Eniro, Fonecta, Medio Systems, Yahoo!,, as well as digital map solution provider AtlasCT and digital map data provider NAVTEQ.

"Introducing the search application together with the leading search engine providers brings one of the world's most popular online activities - online search - to the fingertips of Nokia handset users," said Harry Santamäki, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Multimedia, Nokia. "With this extremely straightforward and easy to use application, users can now expand the use of online search services beyond their desktops. Furthermore, what better than to be able to connect directly and immediately to the business or service you were looking for. The search application is truly the next best thing to having all of the world's directories printed inside the mobile phone!"

The mobile search application is currently being piloted in the UK, Finland and Sweden. The application will be distributed in the standard sales packs of the Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681 and Nokia 6630 smartphones. Existing owners of these devices can download the search application for free from the Nokia website at

With the search engines integrated and easily accessible in just one application, users of Nokia smartphones can search for anything on the web*, including websites, images, news and weather information, as well as mobile content, such as ring tones, games and wallpapers. Once something relevant, such as a website is found, the user can then immediately connect to see that site. In addition to Yahoo! Search services, users in the UK, Finland and Sweden also have access to local business and service information providers, namely in the UK, Eniro and Fonecta in Finland, and Eniro in Sweden. UK users will also be able to conduct content-based searches via Medio Systems.

The local search engines enable searching for local services or businesses - anything from restaurants and hotels to taxi numbers or flower shops. Results of local searches display the relevant contact data, and the user can instantly, with the push of a button, call the given telephone number or save it to contacts. Moreover, with integrated mapping solutions from portal by AtlasCT and digital map data from NAVTEQ, the results can be shown on a map, aiding users on the go to locate their destination. Users can also save and, for example, send the map as MMS to a friend.

When traveling between countries, the search application automatically offers to change to available local search engines. Users can also change the location setting manually, enabling a user to find the contact details, for example, of a hotel in another country in order to make a reservation for a future visit.
Saturday, August 06, 2005

I just got this belt case for my 6630, and I highly recommend it. I'm not a big belt case guy, but after I massacred the case when dropping it out of my shirt pocket, I thought I should resort to some defensive action.

The phone fits snugly in the case, and vibrate can be felt easily when the phone is enclosed in it. Plemix carries it, but it can be found cheaper on ebay where I bought it from x1387 - one is listed for $11 plus shipping.
  More N90 links
Exatbodi from Mobile Review has posted some pictures from his N90 here and here. Simply amazing.

And Gsmarena has added a review of the N90's camera. The pictures are not as nice as the ones Exatbodi posted, but the videos on p. 2 of the review are breathtaking.

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